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Budget is fully integrated with Momentum ERP allowing the user to design various budgetary scenarios for next fiscal year. Thus, valuable info are drawn from simulating various scenarios (optimistic, pessimistic, etc) where the user can modify various rates, depending on the expectations, desires or prospects.

Identifying the problem:
Running a business often requires owners to carefully plan and review their finances.
Most companies use some form of accounting for identifying, measu-ring, analyzing and reporting their financial information.
Accounting tools may include budgeting, financial statements, forecasts and other tools for managing financial information. Business budgets for maybe one of the most important accounting tools of company may use in their business.

Finding the solution:
Budget is designed to offer to the modern enterprise the opportunity to strengthen its strategy supporting critical decision-making with reliable tools to predict financial results and indicators.
It is based on sales volume, which in combination with the inventory and production requirements (depending of product specifications), create quantitative markets. Values are created from price lists and the introduction of additional elements such as income, expenses, transfer existing assets, estimates of new assets, payroll, other existing loans or any provision of new loans.

The results:
Budget is an essential factor for creating competitive advantage for businesses that want:
- The strengthening of its execu-tives who take important decisions, the immediate recognition of opportunities for the development and implementation of best pricing policy.
- he direct identification of factors that contribute to management problems and quick correction of related processes.
- The substantial reduction of hypothetical decisions that are not based on actual, historical data.
- The definition of critical points - financials (targets), which contribute to profitability and strengthen competitive advantage.

The Budget's functions are:
Results presented in
- Multi Currency
- Fiscal & Calendar Years
- Different Accounting Standards (Greek, IFRS, US GAP)
Budgetary management of expenditures and revenues.
Budgeted cash management – checks – bank account deposits.
Budgeted loans management.
Budgeted assets management.

Budgeted procurement price lists management
Budgeted procurement trans-actions management
Budgeted vendors discounts management
Outturn and budgeted joint comparison lists of procurement and vendors data

Budgeted pricelists and discount policies management
Budgeted sales transactions
Budgeted customer sales volume discounts management
Outturn and budgeted joint comparison lists of sales data

Budgeted production transactions
Budgeted raw materials transactions
Perform budgeted costing
Production cost management
Outturn and budgeted joint comparison lists of inventory
Outturn and budgeted joint comparison lists of production

General features
Multiple budget scenarios
Use actual customers, vendors and products in scenarios
Multiple scenario periods management
Inventory management
Expenditure management