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Logismos utilizing cutting edge technologies in the field of IT has developed the technology platform Logismos Business Intelligence to support the operation of business intelligence within the modern enterprise and organization.

Identifying the problem:
Information emerges as the most important asset for enterprises and organizations today. The more information available within the company, the more increases the value and effectiveness.
The term Business Intelligence refers to the ability of a business to take better decisions based on operational data analysis. It's about to transform operational data into valuable information, the analysis of which will lead to knowledge of how to run the business and take more accurate decisions.
The Role of Business Intelligence is to provide immediate answers to questions such as:
- What are the monthly sales by product and geographic region ?
- What are the most profitable products and what is their contribution to company's revenues.
- How sales are distributed by product and geographic region in relation to the corresponding previous year's figures ?
- Who are the most capable salespersons and in which product categories ?

Finding the solution:
Logismos Business Intelligence creates the necessary infrastructure (Data Warehouse, Data Marts) to extract data from the company's information system, to liquidate (Data Cleansing), integrate (Data Integration) and transform them into useful information. Information that can be analyzed in many different levels of detail and draw useful conclusions, which will drive business to the desired and valuable knowledge, which ultimately forms the basis for sound and timely decisions.
The design of this technological platform has taken into consideration the critical speed response to accommodate data extraction and comparing from many fiscal years (eg, comparison of analytical data in relation to sales during the last three fiscal years).

Business Intelligence gives managers the ability and autonomy to have, real-time, data information and to process either through predefined reports or through direct questions (ad hoc queries), thus releasing the current and future information needs of the limitations posed by the available capacity of staff and the high workload of IT departments .
The user having access to all the information managed by the computer system of the company can easily draw size information on data dimensions (eg values, quantities, costs) to compare them based on the dimensions chosen (e.g. geographical area , time , grouping items / customers / suppliers) , to create new sizes (e.g. Profitability Indicator Ratios by type or customer).
The system allows the user to store the new formulated reports that are most frequently used and reuse them at any time having data refreshed at a click of a button.
It allows the company to draw information from more than one information systems even if they are supported by different databases.
At the same time, in order to achieve the best possible familiarity of managerial staff with the system, Logismos Business Intelligence has a user-friendly graphical user interface and full integration with the products of Microsoft (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook).

The benefits of Logismos Business Intelligence are multiple:
- It provides the enterprise a unified, high- quality content and business intelligence source
- It provides to executives the ability to retrieve the required information at many different levels of analysis, in a form that makes sense
- Sets the conditions for better informed executives who can get timely decisions in accordance with the requirements of a dynamically changing business environment
- Creates conditions for accurate and personalized customer management by allowing managers to have immediate access to all related information
- Contributes to decongest the operation of information systems by avoiding direct information extraction