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Logismos SCM – Supply Chain Management

Recognizing the fact that most companies seek to exploit new information systems with the least time cost, human resources and changes in procedures, Logismos developed the Logismos SCM as a stand-alone system. So it integrates seamlessly both Logismos’s ERP and other Greek and international business software systems.

Identifying the problem:
The supply chain covers all procedures to be followed to fulfill the customer's purchase order. That is, the procedures from the purchase order, the acquisition of raw materials, manufacturing of the product until the final delivery to the customer.
The challenge, however, is not simply the processing of a customer order. The supply chain is closely connected with both the optimization of business results and by enabling the customer to differentiate the product to best meet his needs.
Under these circumstances, new needs and requirements for more sophisticated and interoperable systems are continuously created.
All businesses are engaged in a race to redefine the supply chain processes using new tools and systems in order to gain a competitive advantage over the competition.

Finding the solution:
Serving many different customers with a wide variety of products and services may result in a complex, global, network of suppliers, factories, warehouses, trans-porters, customers and others. The complexity of such a network is hard to unravel and makes it difficult to find where and why problems occur. This includes challenges like: "We don't know what our supply chains are", "What is the right number of supply chains?", the desire to standardize processes.
Logismos SCM help companies identify their development needs. The right system at the right place in the organization is one of the keys to prevent you from endlessly seeking methods and systems.

Nemo Supported Processes:
Business processes supported by Nemo cover the whole spectrum of the supply chain of a business:

- Warehouse Management System
- Demand Planning
- Electronic Data Interchange
- E-Order
- Maintenance Management System
- Production Management System
- Procurement
- Intelligence

Operational Advantages:
- Integrated solution and open architecture. Nemo can harmoniously operate with already installed applications in a heterogeneous environment while uses open communication technologies such as XML.
- SOA - Service Oriented Architecture, BPM - Business Process Modeling, data management by creating secondary information for management reporting (BI Business Intelligence).
- Unified access environment, customizable per user. The user has access Logismos SCM applications according to the specified privileges that can be set based on an application usage profile (applications, functions, processes, key performance indicators (KPI’s to monitor).
- Easy application configuration. Logismos SCM supports the ability of amendments without requiring changes to applications source code.
- Modular architecture. Nemo applications can be installed gradually to the priorities of the company.

The Results:
The specific objectives to be achieved through the installation and operation of Nemo are:
- Integration functions and procedures among various segments of the supply chain (sales , credit control, production , storage , distribution) .
- Development a unified database which aims to creatively diffuse information between business departments and helps avoid the concentration of the same information from different departments.
- Effective management of business information.
- Improvement in operational and administrative decisions.
- Improvement of internal control and management.
- Rational and effective maintenance of production equipment
- Reduction of purchasing orders lead time
- Increase production equipment life cycle and reduce idle time due to maintenance and repairs