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In 1969 in Greece very few people knew even the existence of computers. The Greek Universities did not support related studies. In Northern Greece, none of the enterprises and/or organizations had or used computers. In this environment, in 1970 Markos Doufos established in Thessaloniki a company named MECHANOLOGISTIKI OF NORTHERN GREECE Ltd, for the provision of computer services. The Company establishes a Computer Center, with the first computer in the private sector in Northern Greece (IBM Main Frame). The Company, having the first group of experts/computer engineers, leads the business community of the area to abandon the hand-writing systems and the calculators and moving to the computer processing of their hand-written produced data. The Center provides innovative services on a 24 hours basis and, in essence, it is the sole IT Branch that supports organizations, banks and enterprises in the area. The services provided consist of planning and implementation of IT systems, using human resources and equipment of the Company ( IT programs, computers, batch data entering and data processing machines).

In 1981 the Company continues the pioneering and innovative activity: The Company establishes the first private On-Line information system in Greece. Thirty (30) terminals of various clients were connected simultaneously to the system, through leased Public Telephone Organization lines and used the central computer operating in the Company’s installations. This service was provided on a 24 hours basis and could be considered as equivalent to today’s nets (Intranet & ASP’s). The income of this first period comes from services provision.

In 1986 the Company starts to promote integrated solutions of own produced software and Hewlett Packard hardware. As a Value Added Reseller of Hewlett Packard promotes to the market integrated solutions with Hewlett Packard hardware (mini computer series HP3000) and Software of own production, of new generation at the time, which installs and supports in more than 50 customers. This number gives the Company the first place in Northern Greece and one of the first in Greece for integrated solutions systems in a multiple users environment.

During the period 1991-2002 the previous activities are continued. The Company’s share capital is doubled from 100.000.000 drs to 200.000.000 drs, with prominent Companies becoming share holders of Logismos. The purpose of the share capital raise was to support innovative activities in the sector of Industrial Informatics, oriented to the development of business intelligence software applications and the creation of Technology know-how Transfer Center, to connect Universities and Research Centers to industrial enterprises.

Since 1996 the Company invests in research, planning, development and commercial production of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, under the trade name Momentum ERP, using the most recent IT technologies. Momentum ERP has been installed in more than 200 enterprises in the Central Macedonia area.

At the same time, the Company participates in the implementation of information/communications projects (software, hardware, communications) in all private Casinos in Greece. In addition, the Company has the capability: (a) To provide IT solutions tailored-made, to meet the specific needs of each customer. (b) To ensure the completion of IT Systems Integration projects, implementing by its own resources all the required stages of the projects (planning, procurement and installation, system integration, development of special software applications, training and support). Thus, a direct relationship is established with the final customer (who has to deal with only one supplier), while Logismos has the full responsibility and commitment to the success of the project.

Since 1998 the Company has established a Quality Management System, certified according to the International Standard ISO 9001:2000 for the design, development, production, installation and support of information systems.

In 2002 a capital raise and the listing of the Company’s stock on the Parallel Martket of ATHEX are approved, and the listing takes place in March of 2003.

In 2008 the Company, foreseeing the market requirements, starts the marketing of a new software product for the Supply Chain Management, which covers better the needs of cooperation between the various sections of enterprises, mainly industrial. This is now installed in more than 100 enterprises, mainly in the Central Macedonia area.

At the same time, after a ten-year successful activity supplying Casino support applications in the Greek Casino market, the Company, aiming to the foreign Casino markets, develops a completely new system which covers the overall casino management processes, instead of supporting individual processes, as done so far by most of the existing software applications.

In 2009 the Company moves to its new privately-owned headquarters office building in Thessaloniki’s IT Technology Park.

In 2015 the Company exceeded for its own Casino Management System, the milestone of 100 customers in the international Casino Market in 4 continents. Our customer base includes now the majority of the largest European casinos.

In 2019 the Company has now multiple installations of its own Academic Management System "Athena" in all educational levels, i.e. K12 schools, IB schools, Colleges, Technical schools (IEK) and Universities

In 2019 the Company has completed the construction and started the operation of its own data center, located in its privately-owned headquarters office building in Thessaloniki's IT Technology Park.