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The CRM - Host Management & Promotions module aims to support the relationship “casino-to-customer” based on data related to the customer’s activity.
The CRM module processes the total of available information so that the customer is served in the better way possible and has the feeling of being unique.
Based on knowledge acquired from data processed by the CRM module, the casino will be able to issue coupons, free benefits, and to behave overall in a personalized way to his customers.
In parallel, the casino will have the capability to plan promotion actions (discounts, coupons, visitors groups, benefits etc) and to monitor their effectiveness in real time on basic dimensions (customer, time, cost, income, profit).

The CRM module covers the following basic functions:

a. Collection and management of CRM customer data.
b. Multiple classification of customers, based either on actual playing activity, or on player’s potential.
c. Support of promotion actions (campaigns) provided to the final customers based on multiple criteria.
d. Support of immediate notification to Customer Service staff on events related to customer activity.

Data processed by the CRM module are available and used by other modules like Member Management, Surveillance, and Player Tracking. Finally, data processed by the CRM module are available to the Business Intelligence module for further use in business decision making. More analytically, functions supported by the CRM module include:

• Multiple ways to classify customers (i.e. based on number of visits and actual total win/loss, based on potential income to the casino, etc) and multiple ways to categorize them by casino defined marketing criteria.
• Capability to manage customer’s personal data, like family data, relationship to other players, preferences
concerning games, food & beverages, sports etc.
• Capability to designate various access levels, by user, to the customers data processed by the system.
• Capability of mass classification of customers based on a combination of customer multiple data. As an example, mass classification as Gold Members of those customers with more than 50 visits in the last 12 months and mean bet per visit over 1.000€.
• Capability for dynamic designation, by the user, of additional fields for customer data.
• Capability for the Customer Services staff to communicate with the CRM module for entry of information related to customers, for immediate notification on events concerning customers. As an example, immediate notification that a specific customer entered the casino, or that he has won more than a specific amount.
• Messaging functionality to notify Customer Services Personnel concerning events related to important players (i.e. player checked in), and provide easy access to customer profile details (preferences, topics of interest, etc).
• Capability to create promotion campaigns based on a wealth of criteria, in relation to player data managed by the Member Management module, or/and CRM module, or/and Player Tracking module. As an example, capability to designate a campaign valid for women customers, aged 30 to 40 years, with 2 visits in the last 30 days and having collected more than 1.000 points in the last year.
• Flexible designation of the time frame of campaign initiation (i.e. for the months January through March, days Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, for the time period 14:00 – 19:00 hours).
• Capability to evaluate campaign results upon its completion as well as during the campaign, so that the casino can proceed to corrective actions.
• Capability to provide targeted information to casino visitors. As an example, the casino organizes, as a parallel event, a rock concert. The system manager sets as visitor selection criteria the age (24 to 40 years) and the music preferences (rock) registered in the system. When entering the casino, the system controls whether the visitor fulfills the specific selection criteria and if yes, either a message is displayed on the user monitor or a coupon is automatically issued for customer’s information.
• Capability to create and manage questionnaires for specific categories of casino customers. As an example, the system manager sets as visitor selection criteria the sex, the age and the residence area. When entering the casino, the system controls whether the visitor fulfills the specific selection criteria and if yes, a message with the questionnaire is displayed on the user monitor.
• Capability to send SMS messages to specific categories of casino customers. As an example, the user sets as selection criteria -whether or not a customer will receive the specific SMS- the player’s category, age, and preference for specific game. Detail reporting on progress of SMS campaign.